Boost ROI with METRX: Identify engineering challenges and optimize portfolio company performance.

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We're here to help businesses succeed. We love those moments when a simple idea ignites action, brings everyone together, and creates positive change.

Utilized by CEOs, CTOs, and Engineering leaders, METRX is designed for anyone in an engineering organization.


Minimize unnecessary risks with our assistance. We steer you clear of pitfalls and uncover hidden challenges.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Assess the people, processes, and tech behind the companies you’re looking to invest in.

Tech Risk Awareness

METRX pinpoints the potential tech issues and solutions you need to know. Identify the untapped opportunities that could positively impact the business.

Smart & Well-Informed Decisions

Use METRX findings make smart & well-informed decisions based on facts and to create new performance protocols or seek Gigster’s expertise to address issues.

1-minute METRX summary video

How It Works

1. Data Extraction

METRX’s algorithms check the Git repository’s metadata and the tech stack (programming languages, libraries, and frameworks).

2. Data Evaluation and Analysis

METRX analyzes your code and all its’ history from the repository alongside project and ticket based data from your issue tracking system. A comparative analysis is completed against individuals, teams and projects to understand your engineers’ activities as they stand today.

3. Review

The METRX team reviews all data with you for a thorough understanding of your team and further refines any reporting, instantly resulting in a customized view of your organization.

4. Resolve​

Once a review is complete, you’re in control of the following steps:

  • Resolve any bottlenecks by leveraging Gigster’s ten years of experience
  • Resolve any bottlenecks found using your internal resources
  • Continue to monitor your team’s progression every month

METRX reports

Every METRX report is tailored to showcase the specific information you need to understand about your organization.

Curious to learn more? Check these examples below:

Cost Per Product
(Executive Level Report)

What does it show:
The estimated cost of the development of products based on the developers code contribution and salary in the last year.

Why is it useful:
We can offer a highly accurate estimate of the engineering expenses for product development even without the use of time logging.

We can create the report on both commit/ticket/epic/project level.

" We got valuable feedback immediately how engineering dollars are spent between projects and who are the most expensive developers. We analysed those and understand how to avoid expensive mistakes. "

Feature Development Vs Maintenance Ratio
(Executive Level Report)

In an ideal scenario, bug fixing should account for less than 30% of the total workload.

Even without time tracking, we can assess the extent of engineering resources dedicated to maintenance, which offers a more precise measurement than merely tallying ticket numbers in JIRA.

" The biggest take away was developers could work only on the roadmap up to 50% of their capacity. We had to better distribute work between developers so they can focus more on important developments. "

Weekly Code Contribution
Per Team / Product / Org
(For Engineering Leaders)

- Gain insight into the extent to which teams contribute through the deployment of new code and code modifications.
- This aids in identifying teams facing obstacles in their code contribution efforts.

" Thanks to METRX we learned that one of our team had a declining trend in their productivity. Once we clearly saw it the team leader could jump in and started to remove obstacles. "

Weekly Code Contribution Per Developer
(For Engineering Leaders)

Understand team members’ contribution over time.

" Thanks to METRX we are able to measure how new developers are catching up. I helped us to optimize our onboarding and new hires started to be more productive sooner. "

Code Contribution By Product Per Week
(For Engineering Leaders)

Shows if the developers are working on the right products. Identifies how much efforts they put into each product. Helps to understand how development speed changes per project over time. Works without time-tracking.

" We realized most of our engineering output was allocated to experimental projects and the real revenue-generating project was understaffed. "

Cycle Time
(For Engineering Leaders)

Ideally you want your cycle time to be short.
It enables your team to reach fast, get a short feedback loop and iterate fast.
Longer cycle time means there are bottlenecks in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

" Following the right metrix the team is now motivated to work on smaller tickets. That helped us to deliver faster smaller chunks of improvements and reduce the number of big risky deployments. "

Issue Status Flow Chart
(For Engineering Leaders)

Every SDLC has an ideal flow from the start status to the desired end status. However in some cases the issue has to go back into a previous status because of quality issues (failed code review, failed QA, etc.).
This reports shows how many times the tickets are failing or passing. This chart can be generated per project, developer for a selected time interval.

" First, we were happy our code review acceptance rate is 96%. After that it turned out our code review process has serious flaws. Even bad codes passed passed too many times. "

Your reports are priorized by your METRX Dashboard

Your METRX dashboard provides you with a user-friendly interface that seamlessly connects to your data sources. Your data analysis, visualizations, and insights are only one step away. Rest assured, your data’s security is a top priority.

METRX assesses the health scores of your team by considering:

Lead Time: The duration from issue creation to production.
Deployment Frequency: How often deployments occur.
Time to Restore: The period required to address critical issues.
Change Fail Rate: The percentage of deployments resulting in failure.


Risk Mitigation and Cost Savings

METRX minimizes risks, preventing costly mistakes, and unexpected expenses, leading to enhanced ROI for PE firms.

Proactive Problem-Solving

METRX identifies critical post-acquisition challenges, allowing for efficient and proactive solutions, maximizing portfolio company performance.

Optimized Returns

Informed decisions and risk reduction with METRX result in smoother processes, ultimately driving better returns on investment and performance optimization.


Before Acquisition

Pre-Acquisition Strategic Insights

METRX equips PE firms with valuable pre-acquisition insights into engineering teams, enabling strategic decision-making and risk assessment prior to acquisition.

After Acquisition

Post-Acquisition Optimization

METRX supports PE firms in optimizing the performance of portfolio companies post-acquisition, ensuring a smooth transition and alignment with business goals.

Before Acquisition

Target Evaluation

METRX aids in evaluating potential acquisition targets by providing a deep dive into their engineering capabilities and identifying areas for improvement.

After Acquisition

Enhanced Portfolio Value

With METRX, PE firms can actively address engineering challenges and streamline workflows in their acquired companies, maximizing the value of their portfolio.

Before Acquisition

Risk Mitigation

By uncovering potential bottlenecks and assessing software developers’ performance in target companies, METRX helps PE firms mitigate risks associated with acquisitions.

After Acquisition

Data-Driven Decision-Making

METRX’s post-acquisition insights aid in data-driven decision-making, enabling PE firms to enhance portfolio company performance and ROI.

A METRX analysis was conducted within a software organization in the energy sector.

Review this case study to understand the impact an objective analysis had within this organization.


For Engineering Managers

Facilitates data-driven decision-making, enables timely interventions aligning your actions with company goals. The METRX’s reports promote a proactive approach to address issues and continuously improve your team performance.

For CTOs

The METRX’s reports align with your goals through personalized reports. Each analysis promotes technical excellence, optimizes resource allocation, projects delivery and quality, enhances team collaboration, and supports strategic planning and talent development.

For CFOs

The METRX’s reports empowers Finance leaders to make strategic financial decisions, optimize resource utilization, and ensure the company’s financial health with actual data.


To explore pricing options that best suit your needs, we recommend reaching out to one of our experts. They’ll be happy to discuss tailored solutions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Initial Consultation: Meet with our METRX advisors for an onboarding session. We’ll review your company and departmental goals, team titles and structure, and understand where you may be struggling today.

Data Security: Grant access to GIT-based code repositories and JIRA. METRX analyzes your code and all its history from the repository alongside project and ticket based data from your issue tracking system. A comparative analysis is completed against individuals, teams and projects to understand your engineers’ activities as they stand today.

Final Review and Handoff: Receive an Overview of your Results, Personalized Dashboard and next-step recommendations with our team.

We provide details on the tool’s data security measures and clarify the integration process, including the expected timeline. We secure data during transmission and while at rest.

We employ a standardized enterprise visualization solution utilizing Google’s Data Management and Visualization tool, such as Google Looker Studio. The data is transferable to alternative platforms, such as Microsoft’s PowerBI, allowing seamless integration and direct data provision if you are already using a dashboard solution.

We employ a standardized enterprise visualization solution utilizing Google’s Data Management and Visualization tool, such as Google Looker Studio. The data is transferable to alternative platforms, such as Microsoft’s PowerBI, allowing seamless integration and direct data provision if you are already using a dashboard solution.

We collect an upfront payment as a one-time fee, and you have the option to pay through wire transfer or ACH. We bill monthly for ongoing subscription fees with the convenient option of automatic payments through a credit card. 

METRX measures the following aspects of the code contributions: code volume, frequency, technology, rank, and consistency.

METRX  can be exclusively used for engineering teams/organizations to assess software developers’ performance, not other teams’, like finance, HR, CS, etc. It evaluates software developers’ performance by examining their code contributions/commits within a defined period.

Companies Already Leveraging METRX with Confidence

Schedule a Free Consultation:

You can describe the bottlenecks you encounter, specify areas where you need assistance, or share any additional comments.

Our Mission, Vision and What We Believe In As METRX


(What Do We Want To Achieve?)

To build the future of efficient, data driven software engineering teams.


(How Do We Get There?)

To greatly improve the cooperation between business and engineering teams based on objective, data-driven insights. 


(Core Values)

We believe goals are reached with a much higher certainty by aligning the engineering and business teams based on objective, data-driven insights.

Our data analysis highlights those opportunities and threats which your engineering department face, both on team, project and process level. 

We empower engineering leaders to make the right decisions and improve their teams’ productivity.

We foster collaborative excellence by recognizing that individual developers are integral parts of teams.

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